2014, It’s a Wrap!


So only two more days till its a new year 2015, and I guess you’re all planning your New Years Eve Party.

But it has to happen, the packing up and clean up after Christmas in readiness for an exciting and wonderful New Year ahead.

So when do you put away Christmas?

Before New Years eve or after?  Why not incorporate your Christmas decorations with your New Years decorations?


Edit your Santa pieces and bring in the bling and sparkle for the New Year cheer.  Party whistles, party hats, confetti balloons and sparklers.

But how to store your precious Christmas decorations that will be easy to access next Christmas?

Let’s start with the Christmas tree.

Do you remove all your baubles and tinsel or just wrap it up as it?


Okay, so say you do undress your tree and everything needs to have a safe place that’ll make it easy to find for Christmas 2015.

Precious baubles stored safely (always write on the outside of boxes what colour & type of bauble is inside if not visible) and garlands wrapped on card.

Oh and then there’s the Christmas lights.  Placing them back into their original box is always the best idea but if that’s not possible wrap them also around a Christmas card.  Large plastic storage boxes are perfect, and if original boxes not available place baubles in plastic cups on a sheet of cardboard.



Now that we’ve sorted Christmas, let’s get organised to celebrate the New Year

Plan and write lists to ensure you don’t forget anything for your party.  Ensure your drinks are bought and champagne chilling.  Simple finger foods are ideal and can be prepared before hand.


If easy decorations suit you, helium filled gold and silver balloons with ribbon tied and let loose to hang from the ceiling look great and festive.  Party hats, whistles and horns for each guest are a must.  Oh and have your playlist ready for the night.


Let the party begin!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!

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