Colour My Wall

It’s goodbye to the cooler months and hello to the warmer ones as we welcome the endless summers Queensland is renowned for. Now it’s time to strip down our interiors and allow the freshness of spring to shine through. Pack away all those blankets and throws, open up the window coverings and let the cool spring breeze…

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Timeless Style

IN TODAY’S WORLD OF INTERIORS, WE’VE SEEN MANY STYLES OF HOME FURNISHINGS, RANGING FROM THE VERY MODERN, TO THE OLD AND TRADITIONAL. Designs that have stood the test of time eventually become what we today call “classics”. Classic furniture can bring elegance and comfort to your home for generations to come. With changing trends, the…

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Time to ‘turn up the heat’ for Winter

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all just change our interiors to suit each season – swap our lounge suite, replace the floor rugs and repaint the walls to suit. Well, though desirable, unfortunately it’s just not practical. So let’s look at the next best thing: Working with what we’ve got, by adding a…

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