Boho-Chic for Valentine’s Day







Want some romance for Valentine’s Day?

Well Boho-Chic is an easy decorating style just for the occasion.

An eclectic mix of bright and colourful fabrics, cushions, lanterns and rugs.


You can set up almost anywhere;  your living room; using your coffee table with cushions on the floor, your outdoor patio or in your garden under the trees; a beautiful rug and multiples of cushions with a tray of treats and drinks.

Sweet and spicy scented candles and pretty lanterns create the mood. Drape multitudes of fabric from branches or structures to create a cocooning effect.


Your bedroom is of course the ideal place to set the scene.

Be bold with your colour choices; reds, oranges and golds, colours of love and romance.  So be adventurous and escape to the Bohemian in you.

Happy Valentine’s Day

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