“Nature is Springs way of saying ‘Let’s Party'” Robin Williams


I’ve been so looking forward to Spring and yes, it’s finally arrived.  Though not sure where all those recent westerly winds have come from in September? But time to take off some blankets and see if we can still fit into our Spring/Summer cloths lol.

It’s time to start getting ready for all our outdoor entertaining for a long summer ahead.  Wondering how and where to start? Let’s look at some of our options.

Incorporate Water: wherever possible.  To make your space feel more intimate, the calming sound of splashing water will do it. Whether it’s a pool or water feature, it can add a serene and restful mood to any outdoor space.


Create an Outdoor Kitchen that you love to use: and is easy to maintain.  Choose work surfaces that can handle the elements, think about a sink and running water, both ambient and task lighting.  A bar refrigerator or even a pizza oven!  Consider the layout for cooking, serving and entertaining zones, as well as the sight line are beautiful from inside the house.  An Outdoor kitchen makes the cook the star of the party!

Include a Drinks Station: if an entire kitchen is not doable.  Less stress on the host if guests can serve themselves, rather than having to keep going inside.


Match Outdoor Architecture to What’s Happening Indoors: for the illusion that it has always been there!  Open rafters on a timber pergola provides some structure for wines and climbing roses and gives opportunity for various types of lighting, lanterns and hanging plants.  Architectural salvage creates instant character and a sense of place; vintage lighting, old windows and doors or shutters for personality. Just one special piece of architectural salvage is the inspiration for the whole project.

Add Potted Plants: that will provide different scale, colour and texture to outdoor seating areas.

Create a Little Romance: by layering different types of lighting, lanterns, fairy lights, pendant lighting and candles.


Now that’s all done, sit back and relax in your perfect outdoor entertaining area.

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