Party Etiquette for Host and Guests

Navigating modern party etiquette can be tricky for both host and guests.

So some simple ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ help you out.


1.  Do take invites and responses seriously.  Reply on time and call if unable to make it at the last minute.

2.  Don’t arrive early.  The host will be busy getting food etc ready.

3.  Do come bearing gifts for the host. Flowers are always nice, but why not a great coffee table book, scented candles or even tea towels.

4. Do offer help to the host. “Can I help with anything?”

5.  Do offer an alternative to alcohol.  Ensure punches are labeled if alcoholic.


6.  Do provide bowls for tail, shells and pits.  Nothing worst than a guest not sure where to put these.

7.  Do assign seats at a large table.  Place quiet guests with boisterous guests for a more livelier party.

8.  Don’t use your phone A BIG one. Keep devices stowed and swished onto silent, especially at a dinner party.

9.  Do keep the bathroom well stocked, fresh towels and soaps.

10.  Don’t freak out at spills.  Try to clean up with good humour. If you are the spiller, offer to pay for cleaning or replacement if serious.


So all that’s left to do is to enjoy great company, good festive spirit and yummy food.

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