Patterned Wallpaper ~ Alternative Uses

Pattern can transform a space, adding warmth and character.

The popularity of patterned and textured wall coverings has exploded.  Modern, traditional and classical wallpapers can be applied in a new way.  Call it tradition with a twist.  Though using bold patterned wall coverings does require skill and confidence.


Wallpaper isn’t just for walls, the ceiling is perfect as an unexpected element. Highlight a special pendant light or chandelier.

 Cut out silhouettes of favourite animals or character in wallpaper and apply to the wall.  A great idea for a child’s room and a whimsical way to add pattern.  This approach feels modern even when the paper is traditional.


Tired pieces of furniture can have new life by refacing it with wallpaper.  Placing wallpaper just on the drawers of a chest of drawer while painting the remainder is ideal.  Try it on the backing board of wall units or side walls of box shelving to a simple decorative solution.  Or use it to line your drawers.


A paneled door is ideal for adding some patterned interest.  Imagine the visual impact of pattern on the stair risers!  (Not the treads)

So if you’re looking for a new project, perhaps you’ve just found it.

Images from Pinterest

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