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Themed Christmas Palettes Beyond Red & Green
Want to change up your Christmas decorating this year? Dare to consider non traditional colours to lift your Christmas spirit. While it may be tempting to pull out the old decorations from last year, Christmas doesn’t have to be just red & green. Creating around a theme is fun and can be easier than you think. Let me share some of my ideas.
Many of our decorations take on the spin of a Christmas in the northern hemisphere, with snow and a wintery vibe, with just a little thought we can bring Christmas back to suit our lifestyle in sunny Queensland.
A popular choice would be to use…

Beach/Seaside theme.

Use cool colours like blue, aqua and white, along with the sparkle of silver. String starfish and shells with baubles and ribbon on your tree. For the table, a driftwood centre piece lit with glass lanterns or votives and spare tree ornaments, starfish and shells to continue the beach theme. Why not change up the traditional Christmas stocking by replacing them with beach buckets?
Birds and Feathers.
We’ve embraced our feather friends in our home decor in all shapes and sizes, with owls being the popular choice to date. So why not include them in your Christmas decorating? You’re sure to find sequined/feather tailed birds to suit your choice of colour way or ceramic birds this Christmas. Peacock feathers, with their amazing colours, are also a great source of inspiration. Continue your theme to the dinner table with bird inspired place-cards and centrepiece.
Travel Mementos.
Use what’s around your home to make your own ornaments from mementos you’ve brought back from holidays and travel. This not only adds a personal touch but make for great conversation starters. Create vignettes on sideboards or coffee tables by mixing Christmas ornaments with mementos and adding fairy lights or candles to make it glisten.
Child Inspired.

If you have small children why not be inspired by them and create a bright and fun Christmas tree, using hot pink, orange, blue and lime colour tones. Find children’s toys that with a little string tie can become ornaments. Combine with bold jewelled ornaments that add sparkle and brilliance to the tree. A white tree would be the best choice for this theme. I’m sure it will be a Christmas that they’ll remember.

Winter Wonderland.
So, maybe you really wish you were having a white Christmas and felt the need to surround yourself in shimmering white. For an icy look choose ornaments in the cool tones of white, silver and pale blue. Using clear lights, snowflakes and strings of icicles to bring you a winter wonderland. This theme works wonders if your home decor is monotone in neutral whites. Snow covered garlands and fresh white flowers will continue your theme throughout your home.
Hopefully this has been a little bit of inspiration to you to be creative this festive season. Remember to carry your colours and themes onto your gift wrapping for under the tree and the dining table and enjoy this jolly Christmas time

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