Decorating Mistakes Everyone Needs to Know

Not sure of your style, how you want your home to look and feel?

Having great ideas and going for it to realise you should have thought a little more before implementing it.

Just like the saying ‘you learn by your mistakes’ so you do when it comes to home design and decorating.

Looks Great, Feels Uncomfortable Piece of Furniture…

If it’s not comfortable and practical it’s just not right. So now you only focus on the trends that feel just like you…

trendy furniture

The ‘Dream Lifestyle’ Purchase…  

You buy for the lifestyle you have, not the one you think you might have one day.

Painting a Wall Before Testing it’ll Work…

The stress of realising that the colour you chose does not look like the paint in the can.

Now you paint a swatch before making further commitments.

Painting and decorating

The Cliche Art…

Knowing you had to have something special on your wall, but realizing how important it is to make that piece meaningful!

The Un-researched Flora…

Similar to the overly-trendy piece, this plant looked great somewhere else, but flounders in your home.  Now you consider the lighting and space conditions you have before heading to the nursery.

The overly-trendy piece…

It looked amazing in the store or magazine, but in your house?  It clashes with your favourite pieces.

Since then you only focus on trends that feel like you.

trend furniture

How many of these can you relate to? We all love to have new pieces but be sure you’ve considered it’s suitability, practicality and fits you and your lifestyle.

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