Decorating Tweaks that make a Big Difference

I often get asked for simple tips on how the tweak your space to once again fall love with your home all over again.  So here are a few basics that will improve your home design without the expense and time.


Be realistic – for a realist and honest assessment of your current space, take pictures.  Study the image to decide what should stay, what should go and what needs to be added.  Ask yourself, “Is there too much stuff in this space? Do I have a focal point? Does the space flow?  Is there the right balance of colour?  Are there resting points for my eye?”  If something doesn’t feel right in the photo, start to work on that spot.

Edit – this is the most effective way for impact.  Remove, throw away or give away.  Let the beautiful things shine without the clutter.  Even a beautiful focal point goes unnoticed when surrounded by visual noise.


Sleek Symmetry – Your space has been edited, letting its beauty shine, now focus on its symmetry. Referring to your photo search for places where you can take advantage of the beauty of symmetry (ie the quality of being made up of exactly similar parts facing each other or around an axis).  A pair of lamps or sculptures on a sideboard, two chairs flanking a desk. Allow your eyes to enjoy the lovely belongings in your room.


Adjust your focal point – Every space needs a focal point. Large artwork, a fireplace, stunning mirrors or even a picture window with a view are excellent focal points.  Which should be viewed at eye level.


Add white space – Once you’ve highlighted your favourite pieces with symmetry and brought attention to a focal point, your eye needs a place to rest so as to enjoy the featured pieces.  Do this by adding “white space” to your design. A space with no pattern, colour or texture is present.

Hopefully the tips will set you on a path of loving your home once again.  Should you feel the need for help, why not attend my next ‘Know Your Decorating Style’ workshop scheduled for mid March.  Call me or see my facebook page for details.