Why use a Colour Consultant?

Choosing colours for your home/business project can be the hardest part of the job.  A Colour Consultant will help choose colours that give your home/space the designer look, using colours that are individual to suit your lifestyle and personality.

A Colour Consultation may include colours for your walls to fabric choices for window treatments to furnishings.  Working with existing or new furnishing and decor.  A professional trained in colour theory and with years of practical experience is guarantee of a satisfied client.


Why use an Interior Designer?

An Interior Designer does more than just decorate. They will ensure the interior compliments the existing architecture while making changes to ensure the spaces flow and function for your individual needs.


What is Property Styling?

Property Styling is all about improving the aesthetics of the home, a short term solution to help sell a property for the highest price.

The stylist will visit your property to get a feel for the space, then propose a plan of action for each space to maximise it’s potential.


How do I know what my style is?

It’s a simple 5 minute quiz.  CLICK HERE


Will you work with my architect or builder?

Yes, I will happily work with your architect or builder.  Our goal is to see the finished project tailored to suit you and your lifestyle and working along-side other professionals is a guarantee of success.


Is a project too small or work on?

No project is too small. Whether it’s a Colour Consultation or furniture layout!  It’s all about improving your space to function for your individual lifestyle.


What area do you service?

Servicing Bundaberg and surrounding regions, including Woodgate, Agnes Water and Hervey Bay.  Depending on scope of work will determine distance travelled.  Call or email to enquire  CLICK HERE