Furniture That Floats

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I know, you’re picturing a lounge suite levitating, but let’s not think literally here. Floating furniture actually means furniture not placed against the perimeter of a room. Walls and windows don’t just contain a room, they will become a part of that room.  The space becomes about the furnishings when placed against the walls.  Let your walls breathe.  More often than not, you may not have the luxury of floor space for this furniture arrangement, but if you do, it’s worthwhile rearranging your furniture to create this elegant setting.

It’s important to ground your furniture arrangement, so begin with a floor rug which complements your colour scheme and decor style. Remembering the size of the rug is significant.  Ideally the furnishings should sit on the rug, if you need to go smaller ensure you have at least the front legs of the seating are on the rug.  The general rule to know if this will work in your room is to ensure you have approximately 800mm circulation space around the grouping.

Keep the eye line clear.  By floating the furniture your eyes go through the furniture to the walls drawing attention to what’s around the perimeter.  You can now make a statement with artwork, mirrors or subtle wallpaper.  Without focus your room lacks presence.  A wall mounted television rather than on a low line entertainment unit is also an effective way to enhance that floating feeling.  Just don’t overdo the wow factor by having multiples of them (wow factors).  Though, it does need to relate to other things in the space.

Like all good styling, it all has to balance.  Don’t agonize if you have a mix of furnishings, eclectic pieces will work together when they have something in common, ie same wood colour, glass elements or form.  It’s these relationships that link a very diverse collection together.

Having visual rhythm will invite you to come in.  Rhythm is repetition of form, colour, pattern and texture.  Form: is styling design like Art Deco or retro.  Colour: from the same colour family.  Pattern: geometrics in fabrics and furnishings.  Texture: lacquer finishes on timber pieces, glass top table or chrome. Resulting with the ideal styled room.

This is the perfect solution for entertaining.  You’ve just created a comfy conversational area, a space you’ll love to use.

Image from Houzz

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