Indoor Style for the Outdoors

Don’t you just love Spring!

Spring brings a fresh and renewing of all our surrounds, new budding of plants, and flowers blooming.  Warmer days and just gives you a spring in your step.  I love the idea of the balmy days spent enjoying the outdoors after the chill of Winter.  Entertaining with family and friends and enjoying life!

So the question is; Is your deck or patio ready?


To enhance your outdoor spaces to create flexible shelter from the elements is key. Shelter from burning sun, blowing winds and spring showers allows maximum comfort.  A covered pergola is just as effective as a roof extension.  Screens or exterior shutters for sections of the walls provide flexible control to block out the wind and rain while allowing ventilation.

Lighting your outdoor space can make or break it.  Create atmosphere in your outdoor room with feature pendant lighting.  Ensure they are certified for outdoor use.  Wash light down a wall with ceiling mounted LED downlights, but always compliment them with feature and ambient lighting.


Comfort and functionality are paramount when choosing your outdoor furniture, just as it is for indoors.  Think of how you’ll use your space, does it change depending on the season?  How many people for gatherings?  Stackable pieces, ottomans with storage and shelving are practical options.

Quality furniture is more critical with outdoor furniture exposed to the extremes of sun, rain & wind.  With advances in fabric technology, allows you to leave your upholstered pieces outside all year round.  Fabrics being largely acrylic, are UV, mildew and stain resistant making them the perfect choice for soft furnishings for your outdoor space.


Add some personality to your outdoor space with your accessories.  Start with a floor rug or two, specially designed to handle the outdoor elements.  Made from polypropylene, nylon and polyester, these are often treated to be mould and fade resistant, during and light-fast plus quick drying.  Add colour and pattern to anchor a seating area with a floor rug.

Caleb Anderson

Caleb Anderson

Create space by adding mirrors, to bounce light around a shady corner and reflect candlelight.  Don’t forget to soften the space with potted plants.  Macramé has had a resurgence with hanging pots as well as wallart pieces.  Clusters of concrete pots on timber or metal stands create interest and colour to fill an empty spot.

So enjoy your Spring outdoor lifestyle with a space you love to be in for family and friends.

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