Making the Best of What You Have


Firstly, step back and take in how your home works for your family, think about their needs now and in the future.  Perhaps you’re thinking ‘it just isn’t going to suit us’, ‘it’s not big enough’.  We naturally jump to the conclusion ‘we need a new home’ or ‘need to put on an addition’.  We’re trained as consumers to disregard something that is no longer useful or outdated.

Why not simple evaluate your needs and your current space and make minor adjustments to create the home you want today.

How to Start:

Make a list of all your rooms and what they’re used for.  A house plan is great for this.

Now write down how often you use each room for what it is intended for.  A guest room might only get used two or three times a year or a formal dining room only on special occasions.

So why not make better use of these areas not used at least 50% of the year.  Repurpose and redesigning the rooms within your homes footprint is always cheaper than putting on an addition.

Here are some examples of repurposing and reusing a space in your home.

Found office space.  The guest room repurposed as your office /craft room.  Replace the bed with a fold out bed.  Now you have a space that can be used all year round and still are functional as a guest room when needed.

Found family room.  The formal dining room that’s close to the kitchen would make for a super family room.  Perhaps all you need to do is remove a wall to open the space up, letting more light in and allowing the space to feel larger.  This will become a favourite spot for all.

Found homework nook.  Your children need a space to do their homework outside their bedrooms.  A cupboard that’s long overdue for a sort through and clean out could be the ideal spot to set up a desk with the shelving kept above.  If you have a landing at the top of stairs, often this space is not utilized successfully and a desk could be slot in nicely.

Found laundry room.  A cupboard can always be converted into a compact laundry space, leaving room for a designated ‘mud room’.  A space, that when you enter the home, has designated storage for shoes, coats, hats and school bags.  Things that often clutter the entrance and leave it untidy.

Putting resale fears into perspective.

We’re bombarded with TV shows and magazines that tell us to consider the prospective buying when you come to redesigning anything in our homes.  Unless you’re planning on selling your home within the next five years disregard this notion.

Anything you repaint, refurbish or install today will most likely be out of style after five years.  A prospective buyer will want to change things when they move in, just like you would have when you bought the home.

Your home is your largest investment.  The place you spend most of your time with your family and friends.  So just enjoy it…and make it your own.

Leanne J Zielke

Colour Design Consultant

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