Nautical Style Do’s & Don’ts

Living in a small city that has access to more than six local beaches, with swimming & surfing and spectacular long white sandy beaches, it’s only natural that a Nautical lifestyle is a popular and easy laid back style to adopt for our homes.  Growing up with a beach on your backdoor and our long endless summers holds many great memories of family, friends and lots of fun times spent outdoors and in the water.

So let me share some great hints on what to do and what not to do in creating a beautiful Nautical space in your home.

Base Colours

DO: Evoke a relaxed, casual and effortless feel with pale, breezy and mix up your neutrals. A blend of crisp whites with warmer whites and sandy tones will get depth and interest within a neutral interior.

DON’T: Introduce dark and moody tones. Interiors should be fresh and play on natural light with a feeling of openness.  Blue and navy tones are the exception.



DO: Use natural textures like sisal, rope, rattan and wicker through your furniture, rugs and homeware choices. Add contract with various materials with different textures.

DON’T: Go glossy or shiny.  Nautical style is weathered, collected and textured.



DO: Be mindful of the mood you’d like to set, by sticking with a neutral base using natural and blue colours with fresh greenery.  Avoid busy or over the top colours for a coastal-inspired interior that’s chic.

DON’T: Add too many colours.  Stick to only a few colour ways, usually neutrals, blues and small amounts of red. For boys rooms or children space go bolder in tones.

TIP: Adjust colour proportions to 60% neutral (walls, flooring & furniture), 30% blue & 10% red.


Light & Breezy

DO: Go for an open feel with lots of natural light.  Make your outdoor area an extension of your home by choosing rattan and wicker.

DON’T: Close off spaces with heavy curtains, choose soft sheers to allow light in and flow in the breeze.


DO: The accessories chosen should remind you of beachside holiday and collections you’ve found. Opt for weathered, rustic and textured in muted natural colours.  Seashells, coral, driftwood and flowers for example.

DON’T: To avoid an over style space, combine found items with store bought items. Go easy on stereotyped ‘beachy’ themed accessories. Pay attention to the overall vibe you’re trying to achieve, remembering to vary sizes, shapes, tones and textures.


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