Do You Need a Personal Organizer?

Spring is here and that means Spring Cleaning time!

Well it’s a good reminder right? That we should try to get our lives a little better organized.

I know that life’s always going so fast that it sometimes seems impossible to stop this ride and take a breathe and ‘smell the roses’.  So this is for me too, a gentle reminder and some helpful hints on what can make life a little easier.

There’s no right way to organize your home.  Whatever system you choose has to work with your lifestyle, tastes and habits.  Let’s look at a few strategies that can enhance the effectiveness of any system and saves time, money and stress.

Make it easier to put things away than to take them out by making everything a one-handed operation!  For example, don’t hide your laundry basket in a closet.  Use an open bin that you can throw your clothes into from across the room.  Also avoid lids on containers.  The fewer steps, the better the organizing system!


Don’t buy storage containers until you’ve purged.  The first thing you do when you decide it’s time to be organized is buy storage supplies.  This is actually backwards.  Evaluate why you have so much stuff to begin with, not find a new way to house your junk.  If surrounded by things you don’t really need, time to pass them onto someone who does.  Now it’s time to buy storage containers.

See the red flags that let you know your system isn’t working.  If a room still looks messy after you’ve cleaned, it’s time to improve your organizational system, which will then lessen the time it takes to clean up. Remove items not needed, then group things together based on use or occasion and store them in open, square containers (round ones take up too much space).  Label them so all the family can be proactive in your system.

Eliminate clutter hot spots. Kitchen counters, dining table and entry stands tend to accumulate piles faster than any other spot in the house.  Make clearing these surfaces part of your nightly routine.  A designated organized drawer is ideal for this.


The items used most frequently should be the easiest to get to, so keep them in plain sight.  While lesser used items, should require a step stool to reach. High shelving/ cupboards are handy for this. Always remember to have designated containers for items and again labels.

So let’s get organized, and that’s me too lol

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