New Year Home Resolution


Now that all the Christmas decorations are packed up, we start to think about what changes we’d like to make for the New Year.  Do you make New Year Resolutions?  I make the usual, lose weight, get fit and change up certain spaces in my home.  So I thought this could be the opportunity to rethink what resolutions need to be made and how cost effective can I be to implement them?  So lets start the New Year off that will help increase gratitude, tap into your personal style and make your house a home in 2015.

Appreciate what you have

Start of the New Year by focusing on the abundance you already have in your life, rather than things on your wish list.  Listen to music you haven’t played for a while, watch your favourite old movies, revisit past holidays through your photos.

Action: Start a gratitude notebook and note down five things about your home for which you’re grateful for now, and then add 10 things you have in abundance in your home that you would like to appreciate more.  Keep notebook handy to add more and be a reminder.


Identify what you like

Your home is filled with things that speak to you and you love. Commit this year to study what styles, colours and textures attract you. Knowing what you like allows you to make better choices and build a home that feels like you.

Action: Start a scrapbook or join Pinterest and fill with images that you connect with and love.  Add a small description of what appeals to you about each image.

Change things you don’t like

More important is to remove the negative and add the positive.  Not happy with the wall colour, or lounge?  Say goodbye to all the things in your home that are not serving you.

Action: Walk room by room and make a list of things you would remove now. List done?  Make a cuppa and look over your list objectively, what can go today? What’s holding you back? Remove at least one item on your list today and plan for others.


Promise yourself treats

You deserve them!  Little things like fresh flowers, afternoon tea at your favourite cafe.  Consider working towards bigger treats – if you love art, for example, start a special savings account to save for that piece you’ve had your eye on.  Planning ahead and saving for things you really want is a good way to create a home that reflects you.

Action: Make a list of 10 of your favourite treats, small and large.  Include another list of free treats and if you need a pick-me-up, treat yourself from this list.


Good luck and may 2015 be the best ever for you and your family

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