The Right Frame for Artwork

Wondering how to frame art for maximum impact?

Let me answer some of you questions with some practical advise.


Trending are clean and pared back frames.  Classic white for artwork behind glass to let the focal point be the artwork, this includes prints on paper and photographic works.  Oak and walnut for heavier artwork, including oils and works on canvas.  The slim facing profile won’t detract from the art and adds texture and warmth.

A smart choice is to pick something clean and timeless, working with the proportions of the artwork is important.  A frame should enhance the artwork.

Proportion is key when selecting the correct picture frame.  A mat board will enhance the art and draw the viewer’s eye towards it, be sure not to drown your artwork with an over-sized mat board.  Experiment with different width mats until your happy with the overall look.

Colour and finish not only on your artwork, mat and frame but also the surrounding area where it will hang.  How much natural light will it receive? Consider the style of the piece of art, is it contemporary, abstract, landscape, still-life or vintage.  This is your guide to choosing the correct style of frame.

Décor surrounding your artwork will also impact on your choice of frame.  Create a cohesive balanced space by not overloading in one style.  Heavy furniture pieces below the frame may lead you to using a lighter frame.

Depending on your space, over-sized artwork hung above a hero piece in a room such as a bed or dining table can create a balanced look.  Artwork clusters or gallery walls are still on trend, create an eclectic mix with small and large, low and high frames.

So, what frame will suit my artwork?  A rough guide is to pair these frames with art.

  • Blonde timber or white frames for modern art, photography, Scandinavian or black and white artwork
  • Metallic and dark frames for sophisticated art or historical/vintage art
  • Ornate frames to enhance detailed artwork or to compliment boho décor
  • Heavy box frames for canvas works

For small spaces with white walls, white frames will visually disappear minimizing visual clutter.  A single over-sized piece in a small space can add scale if the other walls are not over-cluttered.  Allow the palette and style of the artwork focus on the rest of the room’s décor.  A wall light to highlight a hero artwork is desired, adding visual texture and interest to your walls.

Don’t be afraid to include amazing artwork in your home.

Images : Pinterest