Shower Style


We all have one, we all need one, but does it do the job you want it to do?

The humble bathroom shower is not just functional but can add style to your bathroom.  If you’re planning on a bathroom renovation, this is a good read for hints to make your shower go from practical to ‘wow’.

The key to create a perfect space is to mix textures, from tiles to the vanity, the mirror to accessories.

Let’s look at the tiles as they’re they cover the largest portion of the space.  It’s become popular to run floor tiles up the walls also.  Keep this to just one wall with the surrounding walls a contrast, not necessary in colour but shape and texture. Even a change in grout colour will mix it up.

Are feature tiles ie frieze still in? Yes and no.  It all comes down to personal taste.  I prefer to not have one or if I do it’s a subtle change of tile rather than a bright contrast.

Combining the shower and bathtub in the one wet area is another trend.  It takes away the need for glass door, which is a bonus for less cleaning, and takes up less space.

The tapware is vital to get it right for your needs.  Which now comes in a range of finishes from matt black, gunmetal, old gold and chrome to name a few?  An overhead rain shower looks and feels fantastic but not if you don’t want your hair wet.  Combined with a rail shower that can be hand held is the way to go.

Storage in the shower space is a must, with countless bottles of wash, shampoos etc.  Recessed shelves (note shelves, more than one shelf) free up the need for wall mounted storage. Don’t feel you need to use feature tiles in this space as it will be hidden with your multiple of bottles.

The perfect addition to the shower space is a bench or seat.  Whether a built in tiled bench with a slab of marble on top or a free-standing stool it adds another spot for storage and a great way to enjoy your shower experience.  If your vanity is a timber one consider a timber stool to compliment it.

Drama! You have a window in the space you want to put your shower.  Natural light and ventilation isn’t something you want to lose.  The way out is to install a vinyl shutter that handles the water perfectly, adds class and is functional, allow the light in while giving you privacy.

Let your shower experience be relaxing, just what you need after a hectic day at work.

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