Simple Ways to go Greener in 2014

The New Year brings in new ideas, let one of them be to live lighter and save money at the same time.

Buying vintage is the greenest option of all.  The hardest thing to do is to remember when you go shopping for things.  Leave reminder notes on your car dashboard, your laptop and in your wallet.

Swap one thing from disposable to reusable.  A travel mug for paper coffee cups or host ytour own swap party (find out how here

Learn to reuse and up cycle.  Instead of tossing something, take a moment to see whether it can have another use.  Challenge your ideas about what should go into the waste bin.


Cut down on takeaway containers.  Often takeaway meals are a life saver though they typically generate unnecessary waste.
Even by skipping just one takeaway meal a week can make a positive impact on the planet.

Give plastic bottles to boot.  Filter your water at home and store in glass bottles/jugs and use stainless steel bottles for sport and exercising.

Grow your own vegetables.  Gardening doesn’t have to be a huge investment of time or resources.  Start by choosing things that you buy regularly at the supermarket.


Rely on natural light during the day.  Break the habit of leaving lights on during the day. (I just turned off my office light after I typed this sentence. An easy change to make and energy savings included.

Switch to a fragrant natural cleaner. Toss those harsh chemicals and switch to natural, renewable material and chemical free products.  Having great benefits to you, your family and pets and the environment.  Check out an Australian company TriNature or call me for their products.

So which of these tips will you take on for 2014?

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