Behind every great room lies a secret hero – a special piece that sets the mood and colour scheme. Introduce colour harmony into your home that speaks volumes about you.

Window Treatment
Fabric is the way to go, creating softness yet being dramatic with vibrant colour or subdue using accent hues. Bounce light back into small spaces by using silver, white or soft blues. Dark hues will create a cocoon effect while absorbing light. Linings are a great insulator. Bring the look together with one colour palette. A fabulous way to add colour and drama.

Wall Paper
For your one stop pattern and palette fix, look to wallpaper, making light work when planning out a colour scheme. Feature walls will look fabulous with bolder prints. Pick up the background colour to paint onto the other walls, using 20-30% less if too intense. Textured wallpaper creates mood while metallic prints will be more calming. Ensure competitive patterns aren’t used in the space.

Floor Rug
Excite the senses with bold designs, rich texture and modern rug designs. Traditional areas will shine with classic styles, while geometric and swirls are more at home in open plan layouts. Define a small space by opting for a high textured block of impact colour. Use accent hues to link the rug with the rest of your furnishings. Remember to ask yourself ‘Who will be using the room and what is its purpose?’

Wall Art
Artwork provides an emotional link to colour. A great jumping off point to pull colours and designs from that can be repeated in the room. It should be thought provoking while adding a sense of personality to your space. Subtlety is the key when choosing a colour palette. Select common colours used to build a tangible colour reference to use for cushions, bedding and accessories.

Feature Chair
Express your wild side with statement pieces with pattern or in bold colours to unite your home. Choose a chair you can’t live without and upholster using the colour palette to match your other pieces. Every piece should stand alone not match a lounge or sofa. Traditional pieces take a modern twist if upholstered in bright or daring fabrics.

Leanne J Zielke

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