We have the latest news after just returning from Designex in Sydney.  A trade event for the Interior design and Architecture industry.  The longest running and most prestigious event for professionsal’s to launch new products, showcase cutting edge designs, with a wealth of knowledge and an interactive forum to the Austraiian marketplace.

Where to now and does it matter?

We are now moving into the age of individuality:

ü  Bespoke style, colour and design

ü  Eco fashion

ü  DIY creativity

ü  Permanent pieces

So how do I make this work for me?

ü  Look for limited editions

ü  Antique furniture – what’s old is new again

ü  Life-long pieces for the home

ü  Function over form

ü  Bespoke furniture

Your home is your haven

ü  Carbon credit energy

ü  Technology is now blended

ü  Extended family living/communal living

ü  Home v house

ü  Bigger and smarter bedroom retreats for individuals

ü  Kitchens back to timber, provincial style


Colour Forecast

Express yourself

  • Time to make your personal statement by customizing your individuality
  • Break away from the constraints of normality
  • Create a truly juxtaposed palette with the desire to escape and be free
  • Gold with royal purples

Create a change

  • Technology is shaping our future
  • Everyday technology invasions
  • Technology and science a major influence
  • Steel through to greys and true whites

Home necessities

  • Celebrate your success
  • A feel-good palette
  • Display warmth and brightness elevating colours
  • Earthy Copper tones with rich reds to pinks

Ethical adaptation

  • Human touch
  • Products with integrity, authentic and carbon neutral
  • Neutral and earthiness undertones
  • Nature greens and neutral browns

Plush: on the way out

  • Spend wisely
  • Redefine your mindset
  • Quality furniture becoming family heirlooms
  • Shell to timber tones

A hint to source your own trend – get out into the streets, watch what society is doing and be aware of what’s changing. Endeavour to be authentic.

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